KOF MUGEN Nightmare Sparkle Alicorn Vs. GOD Kimchi | Who will win?

KOF MUGEN Nightmare Sparkle Alicorn Vs. GOD kimchi is the battle for the ages. Both of these are considered the fighting titans of King of Fighting games developed by SNK in the year 1997.

In this blog post article, we are going compare both of these, so that you can the one that matches your fighting style. Let’s start by looking at the short introduction including their strengths and weaknesses.

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KOF MUGEN Nightmare Sparkle Alicorn – Heartless Fighter

KOF MUGEN Nightmare Sparkle Alicorn is a female heartless fighting character. With her effective magic tricks and range of fighting skills, she is more than a match for any opponent player. As the name suggests she is a mythical creature that is said to be extremely powerful.

Apart from being a powerful fighting character, she is also very fast and agile, these abilities allow her to avoid most attacks of the opponent player.

Not just this, Nightmare Sparkle Alicorn also has some notable strengths, that are mentioned below:

  • She has powerful combos that can end the match with just one-hit
  • She also has moves that make the opponent guess.
  • A strong defense that allows her to withstand most attacks

However, she also has a number of weaknesses that you should also consider before picking her as your player.

  • Some of her attacks can be easily avoided if the opponent player guesses them.
  • Sometimes can be slow to respond

GOD Kimchi – Kung Fu Master

Basically, Kimchi is the name of Korean disk that is made by fermenting cabbage and vegetables into a mixture of spices. This Korean dish (Kimchi) is extremely healthy and can improve your overall health in a number of ways such as boosting the immune system, improving your digestive system, and can prevent cancer.

God Kimchi is a Korean-type fighting character who is popularly known for his fast-moving abilities. His quickness allows him to launch combos and other flurry attacks on the opponent. Additionally, he also has a powerful combo that can act as a game-changer if timed properly.

He has fought evil fighting characters a number of times and most of the time he was declared “Victorious. Moreover, God Kimchi is the master of Kung Fu, which means he will surely give tough competition to Nightmare Sparkle Alicorn.

Let’s take the strength of God Kimchi:

  • Very quick & agile
  • Has the ability to launch devastating blows quickly
  • Excellent at predicting opponent player movements

Apart from strengths, GOD Kimchi also has some downsides that are listed below:

  • Not powerful as compared to other players

KOF MUGEN Nightmare Sparkle Alicorn Vs. GOD kimchi – The Battle of Century

In this section of the article, we are going to discuss the greatest fighting battle, their participants, and what the outcome could mean for the future.

The greatest battle named “Battle of the Century” took place between two iconic fighting characters Nightmare Sparkle Alicorn and God Kimchi. As we have already mentioned at the start, the Nightmate Sparkle Alicorn is a fearsome fighting character who has fought and come out victorious against some of the strongest opponents.

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On the other hand, God Kimchi is a relatively new and inexperienced fighting character as compared to Nightmare Sparkle Alicorn. But despite being un-experienced, God Kimchi was successful in putting on a great show. At the end of the battle, Nightmare Sparkle Alicorn was declared “Victorious”. But it was a nail-biting matchup.

The match was praised by everyone as one of the best fights in the history of the fighting games.

However, there are a number of things that you should notice from this battle. First, this battle shows that Sparkle Alicorn is still one of the most powerful fighters in the world. The second thing that needs to be noticed is that God Kimchi is also a force to be reckoned with. Lastly, this close battle will be remembered for years.

KOF MUGEN Nightmare Sparkle Alicorn Vs. GOD kimchi – The Battle of Ages

The most awaited battle in the history of the fighting games has come. The battle between KOF MUGEN Nightmare Sparkle Alicorn Vs. GOD kimchi; both of these have a range of powerful moves and combos that can be used to eliminate the other opponent.

The fight begins with both characters using their maximum fighting capabilities to take each other down. God Kimchi was using his ice breath to hurt Nightmare Sparkle Alicorn. While she was using her fire breath. However, no one can gain an upper hand.

Now, both of them have started using their most powerful fighting moves in order to take the upper hand. Nightmare Sparkle Alicorn was launching her special “fireballs” while Kimchi was using his “freezing beams”. But there is still no damage to both of them.

At long last, Nightmare Sparkle Alicorn has finally taken the lead. As she started to hit Kimchi with back-to-back crunching blows. Kimchi was trying his best to get recover quickly, but Nightmare Sparkle quickly launched her combo move that result in an end match. So, the undisputed winner of Battle of ages is Nightmare Sparkle Alicorn.

KOF MUGEN Nightmare Sparkle Alicorn Vs. GOD kimchi – The Ultimate Showdown

So, now it’s time for the ultimate showdown. In one corner of the ring, we have Nightmare Sparkle Alicorn who is a powerful fighter with a mercy fighting policy. In the other corner, we have God Kimchi – who is considered a fighter for justice.

There is no doubt that Nightmare Sparkle Alicorn is a strong opponent. She is quick, clever, and incredibly powerful. She has the ability to easily knock down even the strongest opponents. On the other hand, Kimchi is a fighter who is skilled in both hand-to-hand combats by using his weapon.s

Now the question is; who will win this greatest battle? Honestly, it is a quite close call. Because both are incredibly good at fighting. But Nightmare Sparkle Alicorn has a little advantage of her experience. This means she may have the upper hand.

KOF MUGEN Nightmare Sparkle Alicorn Vs. GOD kimchi – Who is good?

Although both of these are good fighting characters, We think Nightmare Sparkle Alicorn is better. She is a mythical creature who is a symbol of brute strength and power. However, God Kimchi is also good but not as Nightmare Sparkle. Kimchi is relatively new in this field ad has less experience ad power than Sparkle Alicorn.

Final Words:

In the end, both of characters are good options for fighting, In this article, we have discussed strengths and weaknesses for ease of decision. So the final decision will completely depend on you. We recommend going with one that contains the fighting style you want.

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