KOF MUGEN Orochi Team Vs Rugal Team – Team Battle

Welcome to another blog by Kofmugen. In this article, we have come up with the greatest battle between two one of the finest fighting teams; the KOF MUGEN Orochi team Vs Rugal team. The Orcohi team consists of Metal Orochi, Eputh Blood, and Exile Haiaosi. On the other side, the Rugal team consists of WF Rugal B, Armored Rugal, and Sasin.

This battle is considered one of the biggest fighting battles in history. Because both teams have the strongest fighting characters. Therefore, stay connected till last in order to find which team came out victorious.

But before that, let us provide a quick introduction to the fighting characters of both teams.

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Orochi Team:

Metal Orochi – Boss of Fighting

Metal Orochi is a popular character in the King of Fighters fighting game. It is a robotic version of the legendary Orochi, a powerful villain from the King of Fighters series. It is a powerful robotic character with a wide range of moves and fighting styles, making it a formidable opponent in the game.

When it comes to fighting strengths, Metal Orochi has no limit. One of the best things about him is that he can control the opponent characters with his mind by eliminating yellow waves. Sound weird? see the attached image below:

Metal Orochi

Not just this, he can also create a strong wall in front of him to avoid opponent attacks. Finally, Metal Orochi can regenerate and heal themselves. These abilities make him one of the best options of all.

Metal Orochi creating a powerful wall in front of him

Eputh Blood – Mysterious Fighter

Eputh Blood is a fighting character from KOF (King of Fighter Series). He is a mysterious fighter of unknown origin whose only goal is to defeat all of the world’s strongest warriors. He is a very powerful character, with a wide variety of moves that can be used to great effect in battles.

Eputh Blood’s backstory is largely unknown, but it is believed that he is a warrior from a distant world who was sent to Earth to battle the strongest fighters in the universe. He is an extremely powerful fighter, with a variety of special moves including a red laser type that can make the opponent off guard.

Eputh Blood

His most powerful move is the “Eputh Drive“, which is an energy blast that can take down even the most powerful opponents. See the picture below for a better understanding of this move.

Exile Haiaosi – Master of Martial Arts

Exile Haiaosi is a master of martial arts and has the ability to use various techniques from different fighting styles. He is also a master of the hidden arts and has the ability to use various special moves. One of his most brutal moves is the “blaster” move that can knock down the opponent with just one hit.

Exile Haiaosi

His fighting style is a combination of different martial arts, such as taekwondo, karate, judo, and muay Thai.

He is also known for his incredible speed, agility, and strength. He is a master of hand-to-hand combat and can easily take on multiple opponents at once. He is also a master of surprise attacks, and can easily catch his opponents off guard.

Exile Haiaosi

Rugal Team:

WF Rugal B – Recurring Fighting Character

WF Rugal B is known as the cruelest and most powerful villain fighting character in KOF MUGEN who will kill every opponent who stands in his way. He shows absolutely no mercy on opponent players. Unlike other villain characters in KOF MUGEN, WF Rugal B has a barbarous sense of humor about what he does.

WF Rugal

Although, he personally thinks he is a good being. But during his fights, he hardly takes “godhood” seriously.

When it comes to his fighting moves, he has a lot to offer. For instance, he can fire fireballs from his hands which can cause the opponent to lose both his balance and fighting energy.

Armored Rugal – Ruthless Fighter

Armored Rugal is a towering, metal-clad figure covered in thick armor plating. He is a formidable foe, capable of unleashing powerful attacks that can devastate an entire team of fighters.

His body is immune to most physical attacks, and he has a combo move that he uses to knock opponents quickly. Want to how this move looks like in the game? we have attached an image below:

He can also use a variety of special attacks, such as the Omega Rugal Cannon and the God Press, that can quickly turn the tide of battle. The popularity of Armored Rugal in KOF MUGEN is due to his immense power and formidable moveset. He is often seen as a challenge to even the strongest opponents.

Sasin – Fastest Fighter

Sasin is known for his speed and agility. He is also known for his signature move, the “Dragon Kick”, which releases a powerful energy blast. He is a member of the KOF team known as the “Four Heavenly Kings”, along with Iori, Terry Bogard, and Kyo Kusanagi.

Additionally, He has access to a wide range of moves, including a variety of kicks, punches, throws, and special attacks. Many of his moves can be used to combo together for devastating damage.

Sasin combo move

Now, we have known the fighting characters of both teams. It’s time to go ahead with the battle.

KOF MUGEN Orochi Team Vs Rugal Team

It’s time to settle this score once and for all: the ultimate tag team battle between KOF MUGEN Orochi Team Vs Rugal Team. Who will emerge victorious in this clash of the titans?

KOF MUGEN Orochi Team Vs Rugal Team

The battle begins with Metal Orochi and WF Rugal B entering the ring. Metal Orochi wastes no time in attacking with his powerful punches and kicks, but WF Rugal B is more than prepared to face the onslaught.

He counters with his own flurry of attacks, pushing Metal Orochi back. Metal Orochi then unleashes his signature move, the “Orochi Burst”, which sends WF Rugal B flying across the ring.

Meanwhile, Eputh Blood and Armored Rugal have joined the fray. Eputh Blood quickly gains the upper hand with his quick and precise strikes, but Armored Rugal refuses to give up.

He counters with his own barrage of attacks, but Eputh Blood is able to dodge and counter each one. In the end, Eputh Blood comes out on top, leaving Armored Rugal in a daze.

The final matchup pits Exile Haiaosi against Sasin. Exile Haiaosi begins the fight with his signature move, the “Haiaosi Hurricane”, but Sasin is ready.

He dodges the attack and retaliates with his own flurry of punches and kicks. Exile Haiaosi manages to block most of them, but Sasin is relentless. In the end, Sasin prevails, leaving Exile Haiaosi in a heap on the ground.

The battle is over and the winners are clear: the Orochi Team! Metal Orochi, Eputh Blood, and Exile Haiaosi have proven themselves as the superior tag team, winning the match with a combined score of 3-0. Congratulations to the Orochi Team, who have emerged victorious in this epic battle of champions!

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