KOF Mugen Rose Mary VS Samael – Ultimate Comparison!

Ever since the days of Street Fighters, fighting games have been a key part of our gaming culture. This fighting game offers something distinctive for everyone, from flashy visuals to powerful combos. The King of Fighters (KOF) Mugen edition stands out for its exceptional depth and intricacy.

The best characters from the King of Fighters Universe are included in King of Fighters, which was created by SNK. These characters are brought together in a special way.

And who better to pit against one another than KOF Mugen Rose Mary VS Samael, these are the two powerhouses from the King of Fighters (KOF) universe.

In this guide, we will be taking a deep look at these two best characters: KOF Mugen Rose Mary VS Samael.

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King Of Fighter Mugen Rose Mary and Samael are the two characters that were created by Mugen. Basically, the Rose Mary is a custom character that is designed by the Mugen creator.

On the other hand, the Samael character is also designed by a Mugen creator named K6666orochi. Both characters have their own unique fighting style, move sets, combos, and abilities, which make them formidable foes in the universe of Mugen.

What’s Mugen:

Mugen is a Japanese word that means “dream and infinite”. Mugen is also the name of a famous two-dimensional (2D) fighting game which is created by Elecbyte. Additionally, the Mugen offers anyone with a little bit of coding knowledge the to create their own unique two-dimensional (2D) fighting game.

However, there’re literally plenty of Mugen games available, ranging from high-quality professionals. But King of Fighters (KOF) is one of the most popular games of Mugen.

Rose Mary:

Rose Mary is a KOF character that was inspired by Mai Shiranui from the King of Fighter franchise. Rose Mary is a quick or fast-fighting character who specializes in close combat.

In addition, Rose Mary moves sets consist of plenty of kicks, and punches, as well as flips that allow her to close the distance between her and her foe quickly.

Furthermore, Rose Mary also has some projectile attacks that can be used to keep her foe at bay. One of the best Rose Mary moves is her Rose bottom attack where Rose mary performs a series of fast kicks that ends with a spinning heel kick. Rose Bottom Attack is very useful for getting in close to her foes.

Moreover, Rose Mary also has a different version of this best movie that can be used to mix up her foes and keep them guessing.


Samael is a unique KOF character that was created by a Mugen creator named K6666orochi. Samael is a demo-like creature with a lot of supernatural power.

However, his move sets consist of a variety of teleportation moves, and projectiles, as well as close-range attacks.  One of the best features of Samael is that it has the ability to fly.

In addition, Samael’s best move is his hellfire attack, where he summons a ball of fire that blasts on impact. Hellfire move deals a large amount of damage and can be hard to dodge. He is also able to teleport behind his foes and attacks them from behind.

Showdown Of These Two Characters:

Showdown is the final battle of Rose Mary and Samael In the King of Fighters (KOF). Basically, it’s one on one fight to the death with no hold striped.

Rose Mary defeats an army of demons. On the other hand, Samael is the last one standing in Rose Mary’s way. Rose Mary knows that he is the strongest and the most dangerous opponent, but Rose Mary isn’t afraid. She is determined to defeat Samael and end the reign of terror that Samael has imposed on the world.

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Moreover, the two fighters face off against one another. The longer they both fight, the more evenly matched they become. As the fight rages on, Rose Mary and Samael are wounded and exhausted. They both continue to fight, fueled by their hatred for one another.

Finally, Rose Mary manages to land a powerful combo that knocks down Samael. Samael tries to get up, but Rose Mary kicks him in the head and knocks Samael unconscious. Rose Mary Stands Over Samael, victorious.

Different Types of MOF Mugen Characters:

There are different types of King of Fighters (KOF) MUgen characters. But, some of them are discussed below, so take a look at these characters.

Traditional Fighters:

Basically, traditional fighters are the butter characters of the King of Fighters series and tend to be well-rounded in terms of their move set, combos, as well as abilities. In addition, KOF characters like Kyo Kusanagi and Terry Bogar are examples of traditional fights.

Powerful characters:

As the name suggests, these KOF characters are specially designed to be powerful and overwhelming to opponents.

They tend to have move sets that allow the characters to control the flow of battle and can often be very hard to deal with if you aren’t prepared for them. Examples of powerful characters are Rugal Bernstein and Geese Howard.

Technical characters:

These characters are all about using their move set in a creative way to outwit their foes and they often have a variety of superior moves options at their disposal, which can make them very dangerous opponents, if you aren’t careful.

Final Words:

Rose Mary and Samael are the two iconic characters from The King of Fighters: Mugen. Both of these characters have their own unique fighting style, strengths, weaknesses, move sets, combos, and abilities that make them an ideal fit for any King of Fighter (KOF) fan’s collection.

Whether you decide to go with Rose Mary and Samael, there’s no doubt that Rose mary and Samael have earned the right to be considered one of the finest Mugen challengers out there.

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